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elliott jones.

I’m a graphic designer based in Maryland, specializing in print and digital design and branding strategy. I earned my bachelor’s of science in graphic design from Full Sail University, and a master’s in art and theology from Wesley Theological Seminary. I have over six years of experience in graphic design, working freelance, and on a team. My mission is to create a tangible design with a unique experience.


When I’m not crafting brand identities or designing marketing materials, you can find me creating on the dance floor as a modern dance choreographer. If you’re looking for a passionate strategic creator to visually tell your brand’s story or communicate how we keep up and stay ahead!





I want people to feel an immediate connection to my work, whether it’s a simple flyer, logo, or custom T-shirt design. That moment you realize that your designer has turned your vision into fruition can be pure joy. I strive to make you feel heard and understood because there is nothing more satisfying than getting the work you deserve.


Quality is the standard of something measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something. I diligently seek a high level of quality in every project because our time and effort have value. I wouldn’t be in this field if I didn’t value our time and effort to achieve excellence against other things. Don’t keep up; stay ahead.


I’ve spent my life trying not to be like everyone else. I value authenticity and integrity. I want your project to capture the essence of who you are and find the supporters that naturally resonate with you beyond the surface.


In every project, I aim to incorporate an immeasurable little nugget that seeks to connect people to your mission. My job is to find that substance in your organization or your event and turn it into an authentic and relatable experience. Don’t keep up; stay ahead.

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